Pet Vaccinations in Grangeville

Prevent Disease and Keep Your Pets Healthy With Essential Vaccines

We know you want to provide your pet with the best life possible. Vaccinations are a safe and simple way to contribute to their overall health. These life-saving treatments can protect your animals from potentially fatal diseases.

Our knowledgeable staff at Tolo Veterinary Clinic has the answers to your vaccine questions and will offer individualized vaccination schedules to keep your dog or cat healthy. We can also protect your small farm animals and equines from common diseases with vaccines – contact us for more information about those services.

Essential Pet Vaccinations:

We divide pet vaccinations into two broad categories: core and non-core. Core vaccinations are recommended for all pets regardless of their lifestyle. Non-core vaccinations are suggested based on their activities, including time outdoors and around other animals.

Core Vaccines for Dogs

Our veterinary staff recommends the following core vaccinations based on studies done by Dr. Ronald Schultz DVM and AAHA guidelines:

In addition to these vaccines, Idaho state law requires rabies vaccines for all dogs. We also recommend expanded vaccinations for puppies. Contact us for more information about puppy vaccine schedules.

Non-Core Canine Vaccinations

Non-Core Canine Vaccinations

We recommend non-core vaccines for dogs based on lifestyle factors, including time outdoors, time with other dogs, and boarding. Our team will discuss your dog’s habits during a vaccination appointment to determine the best course of action. The non-core vaccinations we offer include:

At Tolo Veterinary Clinic, the canine influenza vaccine is a non-core vaccine and we only recommend it when a client is traveling with their pet to a high-risk area.

Core Feline Vaccinations

We recommend the following feline vaccinations according to AAHA guidelines of core vaccinations for pet and shelter cats:

In addition to these vaccines, Idaho state law requires all cats to be vaccinated against rabies. We also suggest expanded core vaccinations for kittens. Contact us for more information.

Non-core Vaccinations for Cats

Our veterinary staff will ask questions about your cat’s lifestyle to determine the best non-core vaccination schedule for your pet. The non-core feline vaccinations we offer protect against:

This list is not exhaustive, and we may recommend a different vaccination schedule depending on your cat’s needs. Contact us for more information about our offerings.

Vaccinations are vital to maintaining a healthy pet. At Tolo Veterinary Clinic, we offer vaccines for your pets and develop unique vaccination schedules for each patient. Contact us online or at (208) 494-6262 with your questions or schedule a wellness exam for your pet.