Pet Dental Care at Tolo Veterinary Clinic

Protect Your Pet’s Oral Health With Regular Care

Dental care is essential to maintaining your pet’s overall well-being and preventing disease. Studies show that 80 percent of dogs and 70 percent of cats suffer from periodontal disease (gum disease). If left untreated, this disease will spread beyond your pet’s mouth and affect their internal organs.

We are here to help you stop the spread of dental diseases and improve your pet’s oral hygiene at Tolo Veterinary Clinic. Dr. Wolfrum and our staff are highly trained in dental procedures, and she is the only veterinarian in the region that performs pet root canals.

Pet Dental Exams

Proper dental care begins with a thorough dental examination. We administer general anesthesia to calm your pet during dental exams. Once your pet is under anesthesia, we meticulously inspect their teeth and gums to determine their oral health.

We also take dental pet X-rays during this time to examine root and jaw health below the gumline. These X-rays are essential to providing the necessary care and determining your pet’s need for extractions.

Dental Cleaning for Dogs and Cats

Once we establish a baseline of their dental health, we thoroughly clean and polish your pet’s teeth. This procedure involves manually scaling to remove plaque and an oral rinse to wash away loosened plaque from the teeth and gums. After the dental cleaning, we perform a secondary dental exam to reevaluate your pet’s teeth.

Pet Oral Surgery and Advanced Dental Procedures

If we notice any abnormalities during the exam, we will notify you immediately. Broken or rotten teeth and damaged gums may require oral surgery, including extractions or veterinary root canals.

We prefer to perform oral surgery while your pet is still under anesthesia for the dental exam and cleaning to reduce the number of times they need anesthetization in their lifetime. Dr. Wolfrum is skilled in pet oral surgery and will perform the necessary operations immediately after you approve them.

At-Home Pet Dental Care

You can improve your pet’s dental hygiene by contributing to their dental health at home. Common care for pet dental health includes:

After a pet dental exam, our team will discuss other at-home treatment options with you. We will also instruct you on proper post-exam care to ensure your pet heals quickly if extractions or oral surgery were necessary.

We want your pet to have the best oral hygiene possible! Contact us online or at (208) 494-6262 with your questions or to schedule your pet’s annual dental exam today.

We also offer dental services for horses and other equines. Visit our equine care page to learn more.