Avian Care in Grangeville

Treating Your Birds With A Gentle Touch

Caring for your pet bird comes with different guidelines and preventative care than most pets. Many birds hide symptoms of illness and experience discomfort from preventable grooming issues.

At Tolo Veterinary Clinic, we offer comprehensive avian care to keep your birds in excellent health. Our staff knows how to care for your feathered friends from beak to tail and will partner with you to create a wellness plan that promotes their overall well-being.

Wellness Care for Birds

Birds are unique creatures and need special care to live their best lives. Our staff provides outstanding wellness care services for birds of all shapes and sizes to help them stay healthy. During an avian wellness exam, we will:

In addition to a complete physical examination, we will ask questions about your bird’s diet, environment, and social interactions. These conversations will help our veterinary staff determine the best plan to keep your bird healthy.

Avian Grooming Services

Avian Grooming Services

On top of regular wellness checks, avian pet owners should stay on top of maintenance trimmings. We offer the following grooming services to protect your bird from discomfort:

At Tolo Veterinary Clinic, our team is skilled in providing the necessary grooming services for your birds. Our gentle hands and keen eyes ensure your bird goes home with the best trimmings possible, and you can rest easy knowing your bird will receive the proper care from our team.

We know that birds are part of the family, and you can trust that we will treat them as our own at Tolo Veterinary Clinic. Give us a call at (208) 494-6262, or contact us online to schedule an appointment for your feathered family members.