Pet Health Certificates at Tolo Veterinary Clinic

Help Your Pets Travel Safely With Official Health Certificates

If you plan on traveling with your pet or are relocating to a different state, your pet needs proper documentation to show that they are healthy and safe to travel. Many airlines, states, and other countries require health certificates to ensure your pet’s health.

Health Certificate Exams

To apply for a health certificate, your pet needs a thorough wellness exam. Dr. Wolfrum will perform a nose-to-tail assessment of your pet to ensure they are in good health and are not showing signs of disease.

Once the exam is complete, she will review your animal’s vaccination records to ensure they have received the proper vaccines for travel. If they lack any necessary vaccinations, she will administer the vaccines your pet needs.

If your pet shows any signs of illness that would prevent them from traveling, Dr. Wolfrum will create a treatment plan and direct you on the steps you need to take. After treatment, she will reassess your pet’s health to determine if they are well enough to travel.

Coggins Testing for Horses

Coggins Testing for Horses

If you intend to travel with your horse to shows or across state lines, they must have a negative Coggins test. This test determines if your horse or other equines carry infectious equine anemia, which can be life-threatening in severe cases.

We partner with GlobalVetLink to provide online electronic health certificates and Coggins forms. GlobalVetLink is one of two sites that offers equine clients the Extended Equine Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (EECVI). EECVIs (require a Coggins test) are six-month digital health certificates for horses that provide a solution for frequent travelers with simple, online entry of planned movements.

We want you to travel safely with your animals. Whether you are relocating, taking your horse to a show, or going on vacation with your pets, you need health certificates to ensure worry-free travels. Contact us online or at (208) 494-6262 with any questions or to schedule your pet’s travel certificate appointment.