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Tolo Veterinary Clinic


Dr. Kimberly Wolfrum, DVM

Located in the heart of Grangeville, Tolo Veterinary Clinic is owned and operated by Dr. Kimberly Wolfrum and her husband, Burt. For over 20 years, the couple has cared for animals in the Grangeville area. They’re committed to offering modern and progressive care for pets, farm animals, and exotic pets.

More Than A Decade

of Experienced Care

Dr. Wolfrum started her veterinary career in 1999 after graduating from WSU with a degree in veterinary medicine. After graduation, she provided a decade of relief vet work to vets in the area before running a house-call-only mobile clinic for six years in the Grangeville community.

After two local veterinarians retired in 2019, Dr. Wolfrum built Tolo Veterinary Clinic to fill the need in the community. Building a clinic in town gave locals convenient access to veterinary care instead of driving nearly an hour away. Dr. Wolfrum also dedicates herself to taking referral calls to lend her expertise to other local veterinarians.

In addition to caring for patients, Dr. Wolfrum also mentors high school students in the Student Vet Assistant Certification Program. She has helped three students gain their first level of certification, and Aliyah Pineda continued her education to receive several certifications.

We created Tolo Veterinary Clinic with the Grangeville area in mind. The community is tight-knit, and we reflect that in our clinic staff. Our employees are local to the area, and Katrina and Anna, two of Dr. Wolfrum’s daughters, are part of the team. We also have a friendly clinic cat, Raven, who greets clients and patients as they come through the door.

Our welcoming environment will help you feel at home when you visit us at Tolo Veterinary Clinic. Our dedication to building a strong, local team will give you the confidence that your animals are safe in our hands.

Tolo Veterinary

Clinic Stands Out

We pride ourselves on our bedside manner at Tolo Veterinary Clinic and offer equine and avian care, exotic pet care, and small farm veterinary care. Dr. Wolfrum also provides exceptional pet dental care, including root canals and advanced anesthetic protocols. Give us a call at (208) 494-6262 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.